Diane T. Dynes, PhD, CCC/SLP-L
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Diane T. Dynes provides speech and language services for all ages in her clinic, home, DD agencies, hospitals, daycare centers and other community agencies. Therapy service delivery varies based on the need. and may include: screening or comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, individual direct intervention, small group direct intervention, consultation & coaching, computer-assisted online therapy and parent/staff trainings.

Therapy provided by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) has been proven by research to help children and adults gain the skills they need to communicate with the world around them. If you or your child needs speech therapy, the following information may be helpful. Please contact Dr. Dynes or an SLP in your area for further assistance.


What to Expect

Individualized program

Following an evaluation, a client will receive a recommendation for an individualized therapy program based on the type and severity of the problem. The scope of speech disorders that may be addressed include: speech sound disorder, apraxia, fluency disorder, receptive/expressive language delay, voice disorder and social skills deficits.


Family members are vital to the success of a speech therapy program. A care provider should be present at every session as both an observer and participant to assure maximum carryover of the goals addressed in treatment.




Common Causes

Common causes of speech disorders include; hearing loss, frequent ear infections, family history, neurological deficits, autism, Downe Syndrome, apraxia, developmental delays and motor weakness.

Speech Sound Disorders

Phonological and articulation disorders are often seen in adolescents. They are charactersized by difficulty achieving the correct placement for a certain sound and difficulty combining sounds in a manner that is clear and intelligible for conversation.